Messages that need do words. Creating a positive visual brand image.

The right imagery is essential for getting your message across.

Photography stops your audience from second guessing. Make it as easy as possible for your audience to see what you want them to see within the quickest amount of time for maximum communication impact.

Powerful professional photography captivates an audience. The return on investment is undeniable and an essential building block for your brand to promote what you want to be seen, enhancing why your offerings are better than your competition.


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You don’t take a photograph, you make it.

Thanks to smartphones, we’re all photographers these days. But commercial photography is a whole different picture (sorry about the pun!)

When investing in professional studio photography, there is scope to choose a subject, style and approach that expertly fits your business’s messaging, branding and aims. We help our clients create and use high-quality images that communicate their business, product or service in the most powerful way.

Whether businesses are looking for ‘clean and clinical’ or ‘atmospheric and moody’ we’ll ensure it’s picture perfect (sorry, last one!).

Product Photography

Capturing photos of products in their best light is essential before showcasing them to the outside world. Our product photography instills customers’ confidence in not just the product, but the company itself.

Location Photography

This type of photography helps to put products and services into context and communicates their purpose and value. We capture both atmosphere and detail in our location photography.

Studio Photography

Studio photography is where you can get really creative. That’s why we have a 1,000 ft studio onsite which suits our clients and designers to a T. Images from studio photography inject energy into marketing publications and campaigns.

The Photo Studio.

Our state-of-the-art photography studio is perfectly suited to a range of shoots from products through to people.

Our studio fills the bottom floor of the Wahoo headquarters in Wrexham, with a 1000ft infinity cove, creating the perfect backdrop for whatever scene you need to create.

As well as our 1000ft infinity cove, we also have a meeting area equipped with a board table & seating for 10, a 46” flat screen monitor for image review and a comfy break out area. Other amenities include male & female toilets and a kitchen area with microwave & coffee machine.

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